UPS 445/457/458/459 ILS Instant Leak Stopper

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UPS 445/457/458/459 ILS Instant Leak Stopper

UPS 445/457/458/459 ILS is the all-in-one wrap around instant leak stopper, designed for all pipe systems. This innovative product requires no special tools and is capable of sealing leaks even under pressure.

Product Features

• Easy to apply, requiring no special tools or equipment.
• Suitable for repeated use.
• High pressure and temperature resistance

Product Applications

UPS 445/457/458/459 ILS is a stand-alone system. It can be used repeatedly, saving valuable water resources and maintenance downtime.


UPS 445 ILS 30mm x 0.7m

UPS 457 ILS 38mm x 0.84m

UPS 458 ILS 50mm x 0.9m

UPS 459 ILS 50mm x 1.24m

Always read beforehand Technical Data Sheet