UPS 19007 GT | 50mm x 50m ThistleBond Glass Tape | IMPA 81 22 23

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UPS 19007 GT | 50mm x 50m | ThistleBond Glass Tape | IMPA 81 22 23



Is a high performance unique braided Glass Fibre Tape that, when used in conjunction with the UPS 19000 RH ThistleBond Standard Resin & Hardener offers the ultimate in both Leak Sealing and Pipe Protection.Product Information

Features & Benefits

  • Specially designed glass tape to be used in conjunction with UPS 19000 RH ThistleBond Standard Resin & Hardener to create superior Composite Wrapping Solutions.
  • Available in 50mm and 100mm width making it extremely versatile for a wide range of applications.

UPS 19007 GT 50mm x 50m Glass Tape

 Product Applications

Ranging from the sealing of leaks on any size pipe, to the protection of lagging to prevent under lagging corrosion that can lead to hidden pipe defects that can leak at any moment, to the wrapping of pipes that are old and damaged and can lead to extending their operating life by many years. Other uses include;

The protection of off-shore facilities that suffer from corrosion – erosion and salt water damage through either constant immersion or periodic immersion coupled with the aggressive nature of wave power.

Always read beforehand Technical Data Sheet