UPS 19003 A&B | ThistleBond A&B Cement

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UPS 19003 A&B | ThistleBond A&B Cement

Is a high performance, two pack, solvent free epoxy repair system for use on metallic surfaces. The product is ideal for application where only minimal surface preparation can be carried out and is usually used in conjunction with UPS 19000 RH ThistleBond Standard Resin & Hardener.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used on any surface.
  • Is suitable for use as a filler as well as an adhesive.
  • Developed for repairs where difficult adhesion conditions exist.

Product Applications

Typically, the material is used in conjunction with UPS Composite Repair Systems as a cost-effective surface filler prior to application of UPS 19000 RH and UPS 19007/9 GT. The material can be used for;

Filling of pitting and scarring on badly corroded or eroded metallic surfaces.

Always read beforehand Technical Data Sheet