UPS 19504 SPRK | ThistleBond Small Pipe Repair Kit

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WRAS approved product

UPS 19504 SPRK ThistleBond Small Pipe Repair Kit

Has been designed to put all products required to carry out emergency repairs to leaking pipework.

Many industries and marine companies today are suffering form unplanned small pipe leaks that need an instant repair solution. The leaks can seriously affect the company’s ability to continue to manufacture and make profits.

To prevent the replacement of pipework - Unique Polymer Systems can supply a long-term solution that enables full repair whilst allowing full protection / plant operation to continue.

Kit Contents

UPS 19504 SPRK Small Pipe Repair Kit

Product  Size 
UPS 19604 PR  75mm x 3.6m  5
UPS 19060 SG  125gms  1
UPS 455 ILS  30 x 0.7m  1
Disposable Gloves  Pair  5
Application Folder  - 1

Features & Benefits

  • By utilizing UPS 19604 PR Pipe Repair Bandage– immediate and cost-effective repairs can be carried out.
  • Surface preparation is at a minimum due to the surface tolerant characteristics of the UPS 19604 PR
  • The end result can offer long term protection at a working temperature of 270°C and at pressures ranging form 10 bar (150psi) through to 27 bar (400psi) if used in conjunction with UPS 19060 SG and a double wrap
  • The finished repair can seal effectively after only 5 minutes with full cure after 30 minutes.
  • UPS 19604 PR Pipe Repair Bandage is fully WRAS approved for contact with potable water.

Always read beforehand Technical Data Sheet