UPS 12000 LLR | Live Leak Repair Kit | Suitable for pipework up to 100mm (3 15/16”)

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UPS 12000 | LLR Live Leak Repair Kit  | Suitable for pipework up to 100mm (3 15/16”)


Specifically developed to repair & seal live leaks with no shut down required. The solution can seal live leaks up to 150psi without the need to shut down or isolating the pressure. Once fully cured the system can withstand pressures up to 450psi.

This entire system can be achieved in less than 15 minutes, with an overall curing time of 30 minutes.

UPS Products used for Live Leak Sealing

UPS 19060 SGUW Stick Grade Metal Under Water 125 gms– This unique two-part epoxy stick is essentially used to ‘plug’ the damaged area prior to sealing

UPS KRACK 24 Isolating Bond Tape 24mm x3.6m – This high performance self-amalgamating silicone rubber tape is used to hold the ‘plug’ in place

UPS 19601 PR Emergency Pipe Repair Tape 50mm x 1.8m Bandage – Single pack moisture cured pre-impregnated polyurethane fiberglass bandage which provides the final layer of protection to the leaking pipe work.

Kit contents 

Product Size Quantity 
UPS 19060 SGUW 
125gms  1
UPS KRACK 24  24mm x 3.6m 2
UPS 19601 PR  50mm x 1.8m 5

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